Why should you choose Be In Meta ?

Disappointed with your experience in today’s metaverses? We are too.

You often have to spend huge amounts of money to get a piece of land and become a builder.

If you are brave then you buy a piece of land and decide to animate it. But you soon realise that creating an engaging experience for your community is a complex task.

Finally, even when you decide to take advantage of the experiences created by other builders, you get bored after a few minutes.

Introducing the first event-based metaverse

Be In Meta is an immersive and interactive platform owned by it’s users.

Rooms are available for you to create an entertaining event tailored to your community:
concert, exhibition, meetting, etc.

Always visitors to talk to

The rooms are only open during events so that all visitors meet at the same time

Tailor-made experiences in separate rooms

  • Concerts
  • Exhibitions / museums
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Films / theatre
  • Sports
  • Gaming

Optimal communication that promotes meetings

  • Video transmission over the avatars
  • Audio with translation into the user’s native language
  • Text chat

How does it work?

  1. Create your room
  2. Create your experience
  3. Sell tickets
  4. Animate your event

The metaverse to engage your community through various experiences


Concerts with your favourite stars. A unique experience with a room with tailor-made entertainment.


Meeting rooms to facilitate meetings with improved communication.

Exhibitions and museum

Virtual exhibitions or museums to display your NFTs.

And many other experiences

Film, theatre, conferences, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized experience!

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Supported by

Be In Meta is developped by the best in the industry

Unreal Engine

Initial Distribution

Rewards & Staking45M $BIM - 45%
IGO Sale30M $BIM - 30%
CEX and market making12M $BIM - 12%
Team5M $BIM - 5%
Advisors4M $BIM - 4%
Airdrop2M $BIM - 2%

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