Be a pioneer artist of the metaverse

A unique experience

Make your fans live a unique moment : a performance in the metaverse.

This new world allows immersive performances with always more sensational animations.

A world without limits

This cutting-edge technology will allow you to gather your entire community at the same time without the constraints of a physical concert.

Whether they are at home or on vacation, they will be able to participate in your virtual concert in a few clicks.

Less constraints,
more profitability.

A better engagement

By making your fans experience a unique and innovative moment that they will be proud of.

Out of the ordinary experience

Custom animations will be created
to immerse your fans in immersive environments.

Simplified logistics

No need to travel with musicians, equipment, and staff

Proximity with your fans

Be close to the audience without the need for security.

Be among the pioneers of the Metaverse


27M spectators
>20M generated


10M spectators

Choose an experienced team

Be In Meta works in collaboration with ANMP, a 3D experience creation studio.

It is one of the only studios to have organized a concert in the Metaverse: that of the rapper KnowKnow on April 23, 2022.

6M spectators participated.


The stages of a collaboration :


You choose the program of the performance : choice of titles and the program


We create a custom immersive experience: scenography, scripts lighting, etc.


Preparations: tests and rehearsals with the motion capture suit


Performance in front of millions of spectators